About Me

I’m Desiree and this is my blog about the freelance writing life.

I live just outside Boston, with my black cat and my teenage son, where my hobbies include pretending I’m not hopelessly inept at yoga; making (and very occasionally selling) funky chandelier earrings that clearly only I really like; playing five hundred songs with the same three chords because no one actually wants to listen to a cappella; gathering art supplies for crafts I will never actually get around to taking up; getting away from the city to the beach or the woods; and failing to keep up with my housework. While dressed like Stevie Nicks. And of course, above all else, writing.

Until recently, I had wasted a good bit of my life in an office, after one bad professor and a few short story rejections dashed my hopes of making any kind of living with words. Serendipity suddenly gave me the opportunity to leave that life behind, so I’ll be sharing my journey (the unlikely goal of which is, of course, to never have to take a day job again) if you’d like to come along for the ride!

Obsessions: Books, and more specifically GoodReads, organic food, Hawaii, Oregon, music festivals, progressive politics and the handmade/neighborhood-centric/anti-corporate movement.

A note about the name: I have published under Desiree Marguerite Pappenheimer, but let’s be honest, that’s not a name for a URL. Lujan is my birth mother’s maiden name, and much easier to spell (although there’s that tricky Spanish J in there;  sounds like an H).

I wrote the budget fashion blog Wicked Thrifty and was the Examiner on budget living in Cambridge, MA, and I have many years of copy-editing experience. I am, naturally, currently available for writing and editing projects. Email me at desiree@ossmbrewing.com.

Happy to have you here!

Living the beautiful life in Maui! Someday I'll go back!

Living the beautiful life in Maui! Someday I’ll go back!


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