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Why I am obsessed with GoodReads

You may have noticed that I have linked my “currently reading shelf” on the sidebar, and also mentioned GoodReads in my “about me.” My obsession with this delightful website stems from two passions, which it merges beautifully:

First, I love discovering new books, through reviews or recommendations, or simply by that unexplainable, euphoric feeling of standing in the stacks (that’s where they keep the paper books about real things at the Public Computer Place, for my younger readers) and scanning the dusty shelves of some beloved subject.

Second, as an editor and grammarian, I like to spout off about the terrible state of editing and proofreading today (in the vague hope that perhaps someone in a position of power might reconsider using only spell-check for proofing), and additionally, of course, I like to spout off in general. Reviews are one form of writing, after all (perhaps not the writer’s usual favorite, as they can make or break a new book). I hardly think my opinion makes a difference as the Times’ Book Review does, but much like my reviews on Yelp, I’m far more inclined to spend time and effort reviewing a book I loved (and wish for others to read) than one that made me long for my hours of life back. More often than not, I kick those out of bed and promptly onto my “read-but-abandoned” shelf.

Life is too short to read books that don’t inspire you or move you or call you to action or make you laugh so hard your sides hurt. GoodReads is one fantastic way to find out what people whose opinions you respect are reading (and you can look for high ratings for Twilight to gauge whether you should revise that assessment), to connect with some of your favorite authors, and to discover books you might otherwise never have found. I’ll be there in the virtual stacks- if you’re not already a member, come join me.


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